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“I had wanted to make the move to healthcare analytics for so long, but didn't know how to get there.  Luckily, I found Kim's program and made the move within 5 weeks of completing her program!”

- Debbie

Rockstar healthcare data analytics



Module One

We'll kick this program off by preparing you for everything you're about to learn! Here you'll do some important groundwork that will set you up for success throughout the rest of the program.

Course breakdown:

  • Walk through the course layout and get an insider's look at the world of healthcare.

  • Take a virtual tour of the hospital and understand all the departments, both clinical and non-clinical, that are important to making it all run each day.

  • Meet the virtual staff and understand all the various titles and responsibilities.

  • Begin building your Rockstar Healthcare database with foundational tables that you'll use for analysis.

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Module Two

The most important part of any healthcare organization is the patient population.  Module 02 will give you an understanding of all the various patient types and demographic data points that will be used in your analytics.

  • Understand the full set of demographics recorded on each patient and how they are used in analysis.

  • Learn all the different payor types and the methodologies behind their reimbursement practices.

  • Take a deep-dive look at the different types of inpatients and start to perform analytical studies on each of them.

  • Get an insider's view of the many services patients access as outpatients and learn how to analyze them all with their own separate methods.
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Module Three

In Module 03, you'll learn about the various types of providers that care for patients, in addition to the hospital staff.  Along with physicians, there are several other types of providers and it's important to understand how they all work together.

  • Review the different types of providers and build your provider data tables.

  • Understand physician attribution as it relates to analytics.

  • Learn about peer groups and how they are critical in benchmarking physician practice patterns.

  • Discover the important metrics in building physician profiles (report cards) and begin development of these.

Module Four

All patients are receiving diagnoses and most are also receiving treatment of some sort.  In Module 04, you'll learn how to make sense of all these diagnoses and treatments to ready your data for analysis.

  • Understand the medical coding process and how it drives the study of healthcare data.

  • Uncover how to determine the responsible physician for the many various treatments.

  • Get an in-depth look at the discharge coding that you'll use to group patients into meaningful service line groups.

  • Learn the important regulations involved between inpatient and outpatient procedures.
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Module five

At the end of the day, a healthcare organization is a business and must maintain a healthy bottom-line in order to remain in business and serve patients.  In Module 05, we'll dig deep into the financial side of the clinical business and you'll understand how to analyze the data effectively to assist leaders in data-driven decision making.

  • Take an extensive look at length-of-stay (LOS) and understand how this one metric plays a large part in financials.

  • Study patient charges and begin to use them to analyze variances in physician practice patterns.

  • Discover how the cost of supplies and services is derived and how to take your analyses to the next level by incorporating it.

  • Learn how to use both expected and actual reimbursement to create contribution margin and overall profitability analyses.
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Module six

Quality is at the heart of everything healthcare workers do.  It's measured in so many different ways as patients move through the healthcare system.  In Module 06, you'll learn the multi-faceted quality prism and how to incorporate these metrics into your healthcare analytics in order to display a complete picture of the healthcare business.

  • Understand how comorbidities and complications are identified along with monitoring the present-on-admit flag.

  • Incorporate mortality (death) metrics into your analyses and report rates per physician.

  • Perform readmission studies to uncover root causes of excessive readmits by service line, provider, payor, etc.

  • Learn the many governmental quality metrics that must be reported and what they mean for hospitals.

You'll receive immediate access to the program the moment you push the enrollment button.  You can start the program right away or wait until some point in the future that's better for you.


You'll have lifetime access to the program, so you can move through it at the pace that works for you.  You can choose to complete it in 60 days or take as long as you like.

lifetime access

Kim is passionate about her students receiving the support they need and when they need it.  Many of our students have full-time jobs, so we are happy to provide email Q&A support 7 days a week.


How it works

"After this course, I was able to put my love of data and love of caring for people together in my new position."

A year from now you'll wish you had started today....

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Bonus #1

Think of this as your own personal think tank.

You're getting a six month subscription to our Members Only Healthcare Analytics Intelligence Vault.  Each month you'll receive a comprehensive methodology for an in-depth study of a particular patient population, along with beautiful data visualization templates to demonstrate your findings!


When you enroll today, you'll also get these three amazing bonuses!


Bonus #2

Never again wonder what all that medical lingo means.

With this primer, you'll know how to dissect those long crazy words and understand exactly what they mean. This is a skill that will move you leaps ahead on your path to Rockstar status as a Healthcare Data Analyst!

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Bonus #3

Quickly build patient population segments that make analysis a breeze.

This template tool will be invaluable as you work with your organization to develop service lines that fit their needs. You'll be able to quickly associate all diagnosis groups with sub-service lines and then to the larger service line groups with simple clicks inside the tool!

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Rockstar Healthcare Analytics is packed with all the information you need to quickly begin analyzing healthcare data, but it assumes you already know how to use Microsoft Access, SQL, or other analytics tools.  Those skills will not be taught during the Heathcare Analytics course.

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If you need to learn it all from scratch, just choose the BUNDLE TRACK below!

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“I did all the research before signing up and this is by far the best program out there.”

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hello there.

I’m kim,
YOUR new bff + healthcare data analytics coach

I don't just train data analysts.  I build Rockstars.
I don't just teach new skills.  I help change lives.

I've been a data analyst in the healthcare industry for 25+ years. I've managed high-performing teams of analysts and registered nurses inside hospitals, as well as being known across the nation as a leader in the world of data visualization techniques.

I'd love to help you gain Rockstar status in the Healthcare Analytics Industry! 

data analyst, educator, creator, business owner, ace in your back pocket

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I don't take your trust in me lightly.  I want you to hear me when I say "I'm here for you."  If you're ready to learn healthcare data analytics, I'm ready to teach you everything you need to know.

You're ready.  Even if you don't think you are.  You're only nervous because you want to be sure this is real.  It is.  You want to be sure it works.  It does. 
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I know this stuff like the back of my hand.  I teach what you need to know + in the way you need to hear it.

easy peasy.

i can help because i've been there

now I 'm passionate about changing lives

by the end of this program, you will have...


A Rockstar Healthcare Data Analyst Skill Set that will help position you as a leader in the industry.


A complete understanding of provider profiling and development of meaningful reviews.


An in-depth knowledge base of diagnosis and procedural coding as it pertains to driving analytics.


A comprehensive method for analyzing costs of care and payor reimbursement to uncover opportunities.

sound good?


A full suite of quality indicator methodologies to uncover root causes of all outlier performance.


Your own personal think tank with strategic analyses ready to implement in your organization to drive cost containment & quality care.

“I got the program bundle, put my head down and went to work.  I cannot believe ALL I'VE LEARNED so quickly! ”

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“Kim, this program was JUST WHAT I NEEDED.  Thanks so much for putting it together. ”


“My only regret about signing up for Kim's programs is that I WISH I'D FOUND THEM SOONER! ”

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This program is the only one of its kind because...

it is taught by an expert healthcare data analyst.

When you want to learn how to do something new, you go to an expert in that area.  Rockstar Data Analytics is taught by me personally and I've been a Healthcare Data Analyst for 25+ years.  Over my career, I've done it all.  Along the way I've been promoted many times and have hired, trained and managed teams of high-performing analysts.  I am definitely an expert in the field.

I know what it takes to stand out in this role and how to have employers think of you as "the one to go to" for superior analytical reporting.  If you want to learn how to analyze healthcare data and amaze everyone with your knowledge, this is the program for you.

it was designed by a healthcare data analyst that has actually been in the field for 25+ years.

There are other online programs that teach various technical skills, but none that teach all the healthcare specific analytics that I do.  And none that are taught by someone who has actually worked as a Healthcare Data Analyst for many years.

Without the real world experience in the role, it is difficult for other trainers to really prepare students for real life experiences in the healthcare data analyst position.  In my program, I teach everything you need to know.  Not only how to do the actual analysis on operational, financial and quality data, but also how to navigate all the sensitive moments that are sure to occur as you rollout analytic reports to physicians and hospital leaders.  I'll teach you all the tricks to move through those moments with ease and still have everyone on the team like and respect you!

Study at your own pace

hands on work with sample datasets

completion of capstone project

build a gorgeous portfolio

This program includes everything you need to be a rockstar healthcare data analyst.

Learning a new skill set that will put you in charge of your life.

Building the future for you + your family that you've been dreaming of.

Doing only work that lights you up and saying no to all the rest. 

Feeling more confident in your skills and proud of the contributions you make.

Finding more freedom as you are able to work remotely from anywhere you like.

Feeling more balance between your professional life and private life, and in alignment with the goals you have set.

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


Try my Rockstar Healthcare Data Analytics  program for 30 days.
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I don't want you stressing over this decision.  Your satisfaction is extremely important to me.  If you decide this program isn't right for you, just email us at within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your entire payment.

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This      for you if:

You want an amazing new career in healthcare

You aren't interested in data

YOu are a lover of data


you want job security forever

It's probably        for you if...

YOU'RE not motivated to learn



With our Rockstar Healthcare Analytics Program,


+ analyze healthcare data like the pros

+ have data visualization skills people envy

+ have your pick of employers to work for

+ be the one people go to for results

want something like that?

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"I was looking for a way to use my nursing background with data and found it with this program!"

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How long will I have to finish the program?

You'll have lifetime access to your Rockstar Healthcare Analytics Program.  We know that life can sometimes get in the way of our best made plans and we never want you to feel rushed to complete the program.   So, rest easy knowing that you can move through it at the pace that's right for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a certificate awarded upon completion?

Yes!  As you move through the program, you'll complete a Capstone Project.  This Capstone Project will give you a gorgeous portfolio of work that you can show prospective employers.  Upon completion of the program, you'll have the option to submit the project to Kim for review.  Kim will work with you on any areas that need to be addressed further and then award your certificate upon successful completion of the Capstone Project.  

What level of support is given to students during the program?

Kim is way past passionate about supporting her students.  She knows that many of them have full-time jobs and are working through the course during the evenings or on weekends.  That's why we provide support seven days a week.  You'll submit your questions via email and we will provide a very detailed, visuals included, response the same day - usually within a couple hours of the question.  We find this approach allows for the best one-on-one support for our students.  No worries, we're here for you!


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