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Ready to quickly learn a new skillset + take control of your future?  Want a career in a field that's already in high demand with even more huge growth forecasts that will allow you to work remotely from anywhere you choose?

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Start from scratch and move to Rockstar Data Analyst status in as little as 60 days.  No degree needed.


Layer on all the healthcare specific knowledge you need to become a Rockstar Healthcare Data Analyst.


Personalized coaching with Kim to help you move through an extensive project or area of specialization.

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I don't just train data analysts.  I build Rockstars.
I don't just teach skills.  I help change lives. 

Over my 25+ years in the data analytics industry, I've climbed the corporate ladder through lots of long hours and hard work.  Through it all, I learned the skills and tools that are critical to your success, and the others that don't matter at all.

It's now my mission in life to teach those critical skills to others, so that I can help as many people as possible see their dreams of a better life come true.  I'm proud to say I've helped hundreds of people already.  Now, it's your turn.  Easy peasy.

expert digital ceo, business owner, financial data analyst, + ace in your back pocket

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Kim is the most supportive & enthusiastic mentor I've ever had.

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data analytics


Our students give this program a virtual standing ovation as it moves them from complete beginners to Rockstar Data Analysts analyzing data like the pros.

for beginners

ready to specialize?

rockstar healthcare analytics

This fan favorite program builds upon your existing analytics skills and turns you into a Healthcare Data Analyst as you learn all about the world of healthcare analytics.

coaching intensive


One-on-one personalized coaching with Kim to help you move through an extensive project, or focused on specific areas in your analytics work.

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We're keepin' it real on the blog each week with posts on all the things you need to know and latest happenings in the world of data analytics.

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how to be a data analyst

There are basically only three steps that you need to take that will move you into the career of your dreams.  Are you ready?  Get your action plan today.

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the mistake (almost all) job seekers make

Check this out so you can avoid this major mistake that could knock you off course.

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5 characteristics of a data whisperer

Wondering if you're right for this role as a data analyst?  Wonder no more.  Check yourself against this list of the 4 characteristics of a data whisperer to find out now.

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Grab your copy of this ten-page guide that walks you through the blueprint for a great data analysis and includes some must-have tips along the way.

The Data Analysis Blueprint


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stop the thinking + start the doing.

On the fence and need some questions answered before you get off of it?  No worries.  It's uncomfortable up there on the fence, so let's talk about it!  Hit the button below and let us answer all those burning questions!



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