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I'm an expert data analytics educator who teaches everything you need to know and nothing you don't.

Hi! I'm Kim.  I'm just gonna call it like it is...I've been a highly sought-after data analyst for 25+ years now.  Over the years, I climbed the corporate ladder through lots of long hours and hard work.  Through it all, I learned the skills and tools that are critical to your success, and the others that don't matter at all.

It's now my mission in life to teach those critical skills to others, so that I can help as many people as possible see their dreams of a better life come true.

I'm here to tell you that the world of data analytics needs you.  The supply of skilled data analysts is not even close to meeting the demand for them.  Organizations of all sizes and in all industries now clearly see the urgent need for data analysts on their teams. 

Without data analysts, there is no clear way to steer the ship.  Data analytics provide the essential, evidence-based direction and forecast planning for organizational leaders.

If you have a curious mindset, enjoy working on a computer and are ready to uplevel your life with a new career - a position as a data analyst might be just what you're looking for.


Restful weekends, time with family, trips to the coast, goal crushing, Spotify, loaded tea and comfy socks.

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kim green

Based in East Texas, brings an expert data analyst background and an industry insider's view to the world of data analytics.

As a Decision Support Director, Kim has hired, trained and led teams of high-performing data analysts for years.
She now takes her teaching to the internet, so that she can help even more people tap into this very lucrative field.  Kim uses her 25+ years of experience and insider knowledge in the industry to train others in the exciting and highly-compensated world of data analytics.

LOVES: watching her students grab the jobs of their dreams and impress the hell out of everybody




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audible junkie. love to read, but only time for listening in my car and on the treadmill these days :)


love the New England coast.
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Restful weekends, time with family, trips to the coast, goal crushing, Spotify, loaded tea and comfy socks.


Being a workaholic, unkind behavior, complainers,
vanity, and hot Texas summers.

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